by Gena Suarez

Were you good at softball as a teen? How ‘bout baseball? Because you are a natural pitcher and catcher; did you know that?

Depending on the circumstances and the situation of the day (or moment!), you are ready to go. You rarely miss because “opportunity” is your middle name. No, maybe “available” is. No, it’s “committed.” Regardless, it’s all you. And you wear it well. 

When there is a problem, you’re the first one there, probably because you’re generally the first one they come to when there’s a need. When you find out what’s going on, you “pitch” with no hesitation. When a heart talk is needed, you’re doing it. PITCH. Oh yeah. What a hitter, too. Over the fence, Mama! 

And when they stumble, mess up, cry, and fall, you “catch” with no hesitation. Even if they kind of deserve to fall hard, you make a judgment with patience, compassion, understanding, and hope—all in a flash—and you catch them when they fall. 

The reason: you serve a mighty and loving God who catches you. And He has pitched a few fast ones to you, too. Look what you’ve learned over the last year. Oh, the trials! They are hard, but they bring SO much good to us, don’t they? Endurance, perseverance. He’s a good Father. Lord, continue to mold our hearts. 

When I’ve gone through a season of trials, I have found solace in attending homeschool conventions. There’s something so special about being surrounded by people who share your worldview and want to impart it to their children. I always leave a little lighter and happier than when I arrived. If that’s not enough to convince you to attend your state homeschool convention, these articles from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine might: 

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Back to the ball cap. You wear it well. You really do! And your daughter will, too, when she’s a Mama. She’s learning from someone REAL. Someone who is a success because of Who she follows. Even in the midst of the mini-fails, there you are. And they know, with all their hearts, you’re not going anywhere. Just as our great God and Savior will never leave or forsake you, Mama. And under that ball cap, His hand, as always, is on your head. 

In Christ, Gena 

Publishers Paul and Gena Suarez, who reside in eastern Tennessee with their family, have homeschooled their seven children since 1990. They embrace and promote the Biblical philosophy that “homeschooling” is not so much about schooling/education as it is about discipleship—bringing up our children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4). The Suarez family wishes to share this vision around the world as they publish the trade magazine for homeschool families, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. They can be reached at [email protected]

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