Parents are feeling pressure to begin academic learning at younger ages. Many have come to believe that they will fail their children if they aren’t “ready to learn” by age five. Here’s some information to help you relax about the preschool years.

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Wake up and smell the crayons

by Susan K. Stewart Speaker at 2014 CHEA Annual Convention In recent years I’ve been asked a new question so often that it is beginning to rival “What about socialization?” The new question is “What...

Slaving Away?

by Rebecca Kocsis How well I remember those days of caring for small children and homeschooling, too. I remember collapsing on the sofa after we put the kids to bed and not being able to move. I...

Kids’ Resources Review

The Story of the Orchestra by Robert Levine, illustrated by Meredith Hamilton New York: Black Dog & Leventhal : Distributed by Workman Pub. Co., c2001 96 pages plus one audio CD Available on...

Homeschooling Preschool

by Katie Julius One of the most common questions I see in social media homeschool support groups begins with, “My kids are 2 and 3…” I often chuckle to myself because parents of preschoolers are...

Preschool: At What Cost? by Susan K. Stewart

“Does she go to preschool?” the nurse asked about our three-year-old granddaughter. When our reply was no, she looked as though she didn’t know how to respond. Bob explained as long as our granddaughter was living with us, she wouldn’t be going to school. That only brought more blank stares.

It hasn’t been long ago preschool was an uncommon option. If a child attended one, it was a couple days a week for short intervals of social and play activities for three- and four-year-olds, or all-day programs that provided child care for working parents.

Toddler and Preschool Learning Tools by Susan K. Stewart

Goals of Spiritual Development By Susan Lemons

Preschoolers and Worksheets by Debbie Feely

Ready for Kindergarten By Debbie Feely

Priorities for Preschool by Debbie Feely

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Debbie Feely compiled an extensive list of resources for parents in her book, Preschool at Home: What do I do with my child before Kindergarten? This is list of all those resources with links to Amazon (affiliate).

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