by Stacey Eubanks, Heritage Christian School
CHEA families, would any of you like to share what brings you great thanksgiving? Right at this moment, wherever life has you, do share your hearts as we ponder the goodness of God in bringing Him honor. Take a moment, if you like and think on the past, present, and future blessings of God and see what flows from your hearts.
I am truly thankful for God opening my eyes to see my need for Him and blessing me with becoming His child.
I am thankful for Christ who is my strength, my all in all, who will never leave me nor forsake me.
I am thankful for the Holy Spirit that has and will lead me into all truth.
I am thankful for the Word of God that is true.
I am thankful for my church in Palmdale and in Ontario.
I am thankful for God blessing me with becoming a wife and entrusting me with three children, especially when my doctor told me it may be hard to conceive due to my health.
I am thankful, yes thankful for being able to stay home for eighteen plus years to tend to the needs of my family.
I am thankful and absolutely humbled that God called me to do this thing we call “homeschool.”
I am thankful for being lead to CHEAV, my school group by a lady I met at Webber pool, in Lancaster years ago.
I am thankful for the group of coordinators that had shared the responsibility with me in keeping our group running smoothly.
I am thankful for CHEA where I can glean from many encouraging articles that has (and still is) helped me along the journey of homeschooling.
I am thankful for the necessities of life.
I am absolutely thankful, that on God’s timing, He will make a new heaven and new earth where righteousness will dwell forever!
Just to name of few
All praise, glory and honor goes to our gracious Lord, for His goodness and mercy, which He has bestowed upon all of us and to our families.

There are so many things to be thankful for at this time of the year, but as we look at each day the Lord gives us, as His children, we can be oh so thankful for His Salvation that is a gift from God.

As we ponder the goodness of God; may our hearts over flow with ceaseless thanksgiving unto Him and because of God’s unspeakable grace, we can give thanks to Him and to others, Praise God!

It is my sincere hope that all of you are healthy, well and will have a most joyous and safe Thanksgiving amongst family and friends.
For those of you who will be traveling, may the Lord bless you and your families with traveling mercies.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!