by Angela Lasch

Approximately four years ago, a friend and I began to co-lead a new ministry at church. Over the years, the Lord has evolved it into something entirely different than we had initially planned, and it has been beautiful to see. However, since the ministry has begun to repeat some yearly activities, we now pray over all events instead of automatically filling the calendar with what we’ve always done. 

We desire our ministry to be Spirit-led, not calendar-driven. Once an activity has been repeated, it’s easy to plan the same things year after year. As times change and families change, it may be a good idea for your group to do a once-over of your yearly calendar and ask yourself if your group activities are Spirit-led or calendar-driven. This process applies to your group’s vision as well as your calendar. 

In addition to seeking the Lord in prayer for your calendar and vision, discovering what other groups are doing is an excellent way to keep your group moving forward. Recently, I had the privilege of attending a lovely brunch with fellow homeschool group leaders. The event allowed everyone to share their hearts and concerns and be refreshed. I was incredibly blessed to be part of the group conversations. It was a time for each group leader to discuss anything they wanted, whether things that were working well or things they were anxious about. Then, other group leaders had a chance to chime in and share encouragement, ideas, and, most importantly, prayer.

One of the key takeaways for me from this time was to remember the order of importance of things in your life. As Christians, this is always the Lord first, marriage second, kids third, and then ministry (including your homeschool group). If we keep our priorities straight, the Lord can work and receive the glory for what is happening, both in our families and our homeschool groups.

Another takeaway for me was to keep a light grasp on what the Lord has entrusted to us and to remember that our homeschool group is a ministry. Continually ask the Lord to lead and guide you as you lead the families in your group.

If you are seeking community, encouragement, and camaraderie among fellow homeschool group leaders, or if you are seeking a fresh vision to help lead the families in your group, please pray about attending CHEA’s upcoming leadership conference. This event isn’t just for the primary leader, but for all the leaders that serve in all levels within your group. This is also a great time to pray for and invite potential leaders so they can share in the excitement of being part of the CHEA community.

CHEA’s Spring Leadership Conference will be held at Biola University on Thursday, May 9. You will have a chance to fellowship with other group leaders and hear from excellent speakers who have gone before you, as they encourage, refresh, and give you a new vision for your homeschool group. I am looking forward to seeing you there!